Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Autosoft Systems Limited India-Banking Software Solutions Provider

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Autosoft Systems Limited started developing banking software solution from 1999. The banking solutions are designed to meet the excessive demand of the banking sectors. The banks in order to survive the fierce and cut throat competition are striving to provide the best of the customer- friendly banking services.

Facilities of banking software solutions provided by Autosoft Systems Limited:

Autosoft Systems Limited has been instrumental in devising a lot of software services which help the banks to operate efficiently. The company has developed a pack of software solutions which enable the bank to operate in the medium of Internet in a customer friendly manner.

The details of the monetary transaction in any branches of a particular bank can be accessed by the head-office of the bank.

The details of debit and credit can be obtained from the Internet through Web Banking. Monetary transactions also occur through net banking. Some of the software solutions are designed to look after the security aspect of net -banking.

The meticulous details of the payroll of the employees of the bank are also processed and stored by the software. The details can be accessed by the concerned authority of the bank.

There is a software solution which analyzes the financial trend of the market and predicts the impending financial risk. The software helps in alleviating the risks associated with banking and investment.

The software also tracks the financial status of the person who seeks a loan. The meticulous details of the loans are stored by the software. The bank authorities can access the information easily.

The transaction through Automated Teller Machine is also processed by the software solution provided by Autosoft Systems Limited. A software is designed which enables a customer to obtain the details of transaction related to share.

Autosoft Systems Limited has introduced a lot of customer friendly banking services through its banking software solution.

Contact Details of Autosoft Systems Limited:

5th Floor, Nirmiti heights, Near Kohinoor Technical Institute,
Off J.M.Road, Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
Tel: 91 20- 56014981

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