Saturday, February 9, 2008

Cash@Will banking software solutions

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Cash@Will- A magnificent creation of the premiere software solution provider named Nucleus Software; Cash@Will software helps in providing solutions for web based cash management that ensures the accurate and easy handling of cash collections, liquidity management and payments. This product has been designed and been the brainchild of the expertise and extremely well experienced management of the company, an experience that they have gathers through years of handing different types of projects involving cash managements.

Cash@Will builds for the banks which use its benefits, a platform that assist in further extending cash management solutions to the clients of the banks and bettering their funds collection, dispatch of payments, forecasting of cash inflow and usage of funds. In other words, the software instills a kind of discipline in the management of cash flow, so that long-term situations can be handled with ease.

Cash@Will primarily focuses on creating a cash management system that will in turn assist in the improvement of revenue, acceleration in the growth of banks, maximization of profits through minimization of various costs. The functionalities and methodologies as well as the services that the software offers to meet the goal of creating such as system have certain essential features that distinguish it from the plethora of other software available in the market today. It has a capacity of handling transactions on multi-national, multi-currency, and multi-bank and multi- lingual levels; offers modular design for phased implementation; create a tension free back-office integration; handling of many business partners; prevention of unnecessary loss through in-built mechanisms and much more. All these features go on to not only popularize the software around the world and sets it apart from the others available, but at the same time brings a world of benefits in the banking scenario to both the clients and their customers.

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