Monday, March 3, 2008

Macrobank4 banking software solution

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The Macrobank4 is a fully incorporated banking and financial software solutions. This very software has been designed to make all the important banking operations automatically. This very factor has helped in resisting the document overflow and bringing forth improvement in the processing efficiency. The Macrobank4 has proved to be an essential instrument for managing tool for banks, corporate treasuries and financial institutions.

The Macrobank4 software and has been introduced by various banks, corporate treasuries and financial institutions within both developing and developed nations. This is a flexible and powerful system with a comprehensive range of modules. It helps in making the technological aspects of banking operations fully automatic. The main function of the Macrobank4 is to act as an effective accounting instrument. It facilitates the user to keep and maintain the records of all transactions. Keeping in accordance with the international standards, it produces reports for audit and banking management.

Provided by the Banktech, the Macrobank4 offers banking operations like:

# Deposits
# Transfer
# Payments
# Card management
# Multi currency transactions
# On line banking
# Savings and loans
# Encasement of Cheques
# e-Cash
# e-Commerce

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